Entry Level Creative Writing Jobs Explained

Most people don’t make a career in freelance writing seriously. But when you start working from home, then you’ll realize how rewarding this job is. Online content writing jobs pay so well that it may seem too good to be accurate at first. When you commit yourself to a full-time job, you can successfully make a living as a writer working from home.

Content writing entry level jobs are more accessible and more fulfilling than you think.

The process of becoming a freelance writer

You can make some money in unexpected ways through content writing. Content writing became popular back in the 90s due to the rise of internet activity and the need for websites and companies to provide online information to their subscribers and customers.

Content writing is self-employment because it calls for web content, articles, product descriptions, blogs, and tutorials. The more you invest in content writing, the more success you’ll achieve. What you put in is what you will get.

Benefits of being a content writer

  1. Through freelance writing and content writing, you will be able to maintain a flexible schedule and make money.
  2. Provided you have reliable internet access; you can get content writing entry level copy writing jobs from anywhere.
  3. You can set the working hours that work for you.
  4. Through writing, you will be able to express your creativity and at the same time help others understand different topics or concepts.
  5. When your work is accepted by many people or even a few people, you will feel a satisfying and rewarding feeling that will boost your morale in writing.
  6. When it comes to this field, the amount of money you make and success depends on the amount of time on writing. The more time you spend on writing, the more money and skills, you will get.
  7. The best thing with writing is choosing the companies and clients you would like to work with. It is only possible because of the many available websites.

Qualities of a good content writer

Anyone who is determined, self-starter, motivated, well-read, and knows how to write well can become a content writer.

Those who are stay-at-home parents or students have a love for writing and modern technology and people who are looking for extra income.

Tools and Skills to become a content writer

  1. Effective and brief communication of concepts.
  2. Proper punctuation, correct spelling, and good grammar are essential. Online tutorials and guides will help you perfect this skill.
  3. Consistent internet access because almost everything will be successful online.
  4. You should have access to a computer, tablet, or other devices that will be reliable to work with. But a desktop computer or a laptop is recommended.
  5. Spell checker or other similar grammar correcting applications will aid you in your writing.
  6. Ability to use popular search engines.

Can you make a living by writing content?

Many people earn a living through content writing. There are three significant ways of making money through content writing:

  • Paid by the word

Many set it per word. The prices range between 0.2 and 5.0 per word, and the client will decide how long they want the article to be.

  • Paid by the hour

It includes academic or marketing subjects where they need unique data, which will require lots of time for research, but then the length of the piece will be short.

  • Paid per project

Eventually, project-based pricing will be your goal compared to the number of words or time-based pricing when the business kicks off.


Content mills and agencies can be an excellent place to start. It might not be glamorous, but you will be able to start regardless of your previous writing experience and skills. Eventually, you will be able to make a good living as a content writer, especially when your business kicks off. You will be able to focus on project-based pricing because the earnings are pretty good.

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