6 Creative Writing Jobs to Start Working from Home

If you are looking for creative writing professor jobs, then you might be lucky. Freelance writers have become popular because many companies need help forming narratives to sell their products or services. Platforms for creative writers that focus on poetry, novels, or short stories are also booming hence offering creative writing jobs that you can do at home.

6 forms of creative writing jobs


A ghostwriter is hired to write a novel, nonfiction such as a short story, ho-to-guide, novella, or an autobiography.

Most websites employ ghostwriters to keep their content coming frequently. If you are happy being this type of writer, then you will be hired by such websites. If any of “your work “were published, the publication would be under your client’s name, whether they are an individual or a business.

Your role as a ghostwriter is to bring cohesion, structure, and flow to the piece. You should ensure that you execute all these to be able to attain a great final product.

Most creative writing jobs NYC are often on a freelance basis. And like any other job, the pay rate is entirely dependent on your client, skills, experience, and amount of work to be completed.


Editing will require less writing and more reviewing of the paper of others. Your client might need someone to edit their short story, magazine, novel, newspaper, or website.

A good editor should be thorough in computer skills, depth knowledge of grammar rules, and the added ability of publishing tools. Editing can be quite a well-paying job, primarily when you work for a well-established organization.

Freelance work is majorly project-based work, and they have full-time editors on staff.


A Scriptwriter often writes for media, and your script could be a medium for TV, YouTube videos, films, or even games. If you want to start a scriptwriter, you can make web series or company training videos.

Scriptwriting is all about creativity. You should have a great and engaging story for your medium to build sequencing, work in the dialogue, create scenes and revise it thoroughly.

It is similar to novel writing. The difference is that the medium is on screen, on a page, and this adds many nuances: actions, transitions, cut scenes, placement, and movements. So you should have good writing talent and merge both visual and strong writing skills.

Short Stories

People who are paid for their short stories are required to write approximately 6000 words on average. With short stories, you will be killing two (2) birds with the same stone. You will be paid and become more creative in writing if you are planning to write novels, novellas, or scriptwriting.

Creative writers who write short stories or pieces are hired regularly to contribute to website blogs and other online publications. The pay ranges for short stories are between $10 to $2 000 depending on the quality, magazine, and length.


It is challenging to make an entire living through writing poetry unless you have collected works to publish, then it becomes successful. It can be not easy, but if you have the skills, then you can earn a decent amount through finding a publication that will publish your poems in your style and take submissions too.

Novels and Novellas

If you like to write longer than short stories, you’re pretty fortunate because you will be able to write something in between 7,500 and 40 000 words. And if you’re able to write more than 40,000 words, you are a novelist, and this is something big.

Being a novelist requires a lot of research, structure, character development, research, and most importantly, mental preparedness to get to the final product. And this can take years.


Freelance opportunities online are a lot because many people and websites are searching for creative writers, such as storytelling. With freelance comes to a lot of job opportunities.

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