Technical Writing Freelance Jobs to Work from Home: Guide

What is technical writing?

Do you have a passion for writing and technology? If “yes,” technical writing from home can be a great option as a career for you. Technical writing takes complex information and breaks them down into easy concepts. Technical writing can be anything ranging from how to install or assemble a machine. It can also go down to how cryptocurrency works. The focus of technical writing is precise and explicit language.

The difference between technical writing and business writing

Business writing includes content writing, copywriting, business letters, memos, emails, and business letters. In most cases, it concentrates on less complex content. Technical writing comprises engineering, technology, and science topics.

Forms of technical writing 

The three main categories that comprise technical writers: 

  1. End-user documentation

They write user guides, product manuals, and assembly instructions. 

  1. Research-based technical writing

They write laboratory reports, medical or scientific research papers, and journal articles. 

  1. Technical marketing writing

They do case studies, eBooks, white papers, and blog articles on complex topics. 

The role of a technical writer

Specific functions of a technical writer differ from one industry, job, or company. The writers may produce: repair manuals and information on new software releases.

They also craft help center articles, troubleshooting guides, case studies, and assembly instructions. In some companies, they produce medical reports, technical reports, and educational reports.

Their work may get published in print or online. All this depends on the intended goal and use of the information. 

Importance of technical writing 

For effective communication with non-experts, technical writing skills becomes very important. Technical writers bridge the gap between specialists and non-experts. They break complicated concepts only known to specialists and non-experts in those fields. 

Technical writing jobs

There are many technical writing applications in the current world at all levels. They target both newbies and experts. 

Technical writers are in science-based and tech-based industries. The industries include biotech, software, architecture, defense, medical, biotech, and aerospace. 

Technical writing skills

These are the primary and vital technical writing skills. 

  1. Strong writing skills

It’s the ability to write in clear and plain English. Grammarly tool helps to build strong writing skills. 

  1. Research skills
  • You derive them from books, interviews, online, and databases. 
  • The ability to grasp complex topics or technologies in the technical writing process
  • Paying attention to every detail to maintain the consistency needed. 
  1. Collaboration and interpersonal skills 

They help in the interaction with designers, scientists, engineers, among others. 

  1. Problem-solving skills

As a technical writer, you need to know how to communicate complicated topics. They should be easy to understand. 

Where to get home based technical writing jobs

As a freelancer, you can get technical writing jobs from home on different sites. Specific job boards also offer opportunities. You can also use online job sites, for example, LinkedIn and Indeed. 

How to become a better technical writer

If this niche sounds good, let’s understand the basic steps involved in learning it. 

  1. Understand your technical writing skills

Check the list of technical writing skills to see the ones you have and the ones you don’t have. Use online courses to sharpen your skills. Read any technical documentation you find to hone your skills. Use your friends, colleagues, and family to gauge your writing if it’s easy to understand. 

  1. Network

Surround yourself with people who have passion and knowledge in technical writing. They will boost your journey in it. Join professional social media groups dealing with technical writing. 

  1. Practice to build your portfolio

The best way to learn is to start the technical writing journey now!


Technical writing suits individuals who love the tech world. It’s not a must to code every day to become a better technical writer. The technical writing niche is among the fastest-growing and highest-paying writing jobs. Even if you don’t have coding skills, it will suit you. Do you have a communication/English degree? Technical writing is the best answer for your lucrative career.

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