Best Types of Writing Jobs for Remote Workers

Writing jobs from home without investment is an idea that you should utilize. Writing jobs for remote enable you to earn a living without much struggle. There are several writing task that you can do. The article enlightens you on some of the online writing jobs that are available online.

The following are some of the writing jobs you can do online at home:

  • Jobs for article writing

Several firms require unique content creation for their magazines and websites. This article writing is one of the jobs from home without investment, and the only thing you are required is to choose what you are love. Articles tend to be more in-depth and journalistic as compared to blogs.

It is wise if you narrow down to your experience and go for it.

  • Writing job for blogs

In this era of social media, bloggers write blogs for organizations. Blogs posts always range from between 800 to 1500 words. The blog contains keywords that are ranking from google. Blogging is always consistent and reliable.

  • Jobs for technical writing

People who have technical skills are fit to do technical writing jobs. They can do online writing jobs at home such as writing manuals for companies. Business people hire technical writers to make their content understandable by the users.

  • Ghostwriting jobs

Ghostwriting is where you write an article for magazines for businesspeople, and there is no credit accorded. In ghostwriting, you aren’t allowed to post the content on your social media account hence the most lucrative job.

  • Writing jobs for press release

A press release is one of the writing jobs from home without investment. A press release is a statement sent to media houses by organizations that want to announce accomplishments.

  • Video script writing jobs

Your Tubers rely on video scripting. Start looking for a script writing job because video marketing is expanding daily.

  • Jobs for Email marketing

Writing emails for companies is a lucrative job you don’t want to miss. An online email writer is responsible for sales funnels.

Email writing is not a joke. It is one of the strategies companies employ to sell their products.

  • Social media writing jobs

Many businesses rely on social media to sell and market their products. You can do online writing jobs at home and become a social media account handler for an organization.

  • Editing jobs

Editing jobs can be available where an organization may require your services in going through their written work. Editing is an experience that you acquire by first editing your work before submitting them.

  • Writing jobs for product description

Many organizations that produce products require online writers who are capable of producing optimized product reviews.

  • Writing for magazine

Content for magazines is journalistic. The publications that you may encounter include educational publications.

  • Writing business plan job

People start a business every time. Having experience in business plan writing can help you secure this job.

  • Legal writing

Many legal firms produce a lot of paper works. These legal firms require an online writer who has background knowledge on legal issues.

  • Greeting card writing task

A greeting card is a job that requires you to do a lot of online research before you come up with the best greeting cards for firms. Doing online research; enables you to find firms that pay for such jobs.

  • Writing for news

This writing job requires you to write news before someone else does so. This field requires serious writing. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself and do it.

Other online writing jobs from home without investments include:

  • Quiz Writing Jobs
  • Writing for books
  • Web Writing Jobs
  • Resume Writing
  • Grant Writing Jobs
  • Writing for eCommerce
  • writing for Real Estate
  • Copywriting Jobs
  • Case Studies
  • Writing Jobs for course
  • Writing jobs B2B
  • Gift Guide Writing career
  • B2C Writing Jobs
  • White Paper Writing occupation
  • SEO Writing work


The above article has tackled on how to do online writing jobs at home online that you can venture into while at home. Go for it!

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