Freelance Writing Beginner Guide

Many people looking for opportunities to work from home can search for writing jobs for beginners remote. The Internet has taken over the world, and every blogger and website owners require content to post each time. As a beginner, grammar and research skills are what is needed to write freelance.

Many entry level writing jobs range from eBooks, writing for magazines and product descriptions.

What are the skills required for freelance writing?

  • Good grammar skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Self-motivation to work from home

Types of jobs you may encounter

Many jobs are available freelance. Examples include:

  1. Blogpost
  2. Writing for magazines
  3. Tutorial’s eBooks
  4. Email newsletters
  5. E-commerce descriptions

Tips on how to get free freelance writing jobs with no experience

  1. Freelancing is the best way to earn a living while at home.
  2. Freelancing jobs are suitable for full-time writers, people living with disabilities, and at-home parents.
  3. Writing jobs online to build writing skills at home is better because you have that opportunity to have control over what you do.
  4. With a good business plan, you can earn well while at home while working part-time.
  5. However, there are many challenges on how to get freelance writing jobs with no experience. Many freelance writers depend on referrals. Every freelance writer has to start somewhere before getting a real writing job.
  6. Freelance writers get jobs from board jobs that can either be free or paid. Many job boards are free, but competition is always high. Most successful freelance writers got their jobs by first utilizing the free job boards.

The following are some of the entry-level writing jobs boards though they are email lists:

  • Creative circle
  • Blogging pro
  • Freedom with writing
  • Writers weekly
  • And many others

Best job boards freelance writing beginner guide:


The blogging job is well known. You should pay more attention by sorting out job searches by filtering the keywords, location, and category. Make sure you are looking for writing jobs listed as remote.

Journalism jobs

Journalism jobs are meant for those who love journalism. Journalism jobs are posted weekly, and the best place to find them is in the local newspapers, magazines, and even radio stations. Filter your searches using location and industry.

All freelance writing

All freelancing makes you examine your online writing jobs easier. It is a place to get your job as they categorize the range of payments into pro, semi-pro, and low pay. Remember to take jobs; that are worth you and goes with your experience.

Best tips to navigate to writing jobs for beginners remote

Every job board you visit has many jobs which are God for you and those that are not. Make sure that you do not apply for everything when you are in the sea of jobs. Pick few areas you are interested in and work on them.

Two things to avoid when searching for writing jobs online to build writing skills

In as much as writing job boards have many opportunities for you, there are some things you need to avoid when searching for a writing job:

  1. Writing for free

Writing for free can help build your target market. However, be selective on what to write; for free. Exposure at some point won’t pay your bills.

  1. Paying someone to give you a chance of working together

Paying someone is always a scam and has a painful ending. Make sure that you deal with legitimate opportunities.

Starting to write online

After getting all the required tips, you are now ready to start writing online jobs. Remember to keep in mind the following:

  1. Do not appeal to the masses
  2. Do not leave anything off the table. Utilize the available online writing jobs.


The above article has equipped you with skills on how to go about freelance writing. Read through it thoroughly if you are interested in freelance writing jobs from home and earn a living.